Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trading strong bear days

 Trading strong bear days is one of the hardest things a trader can do for various reasons. The major challenge is that the price moves very quickly and pullbacks are equally violent. Shorting mid bar or below a large bar is extremely dangerous, as sellers near the lows of b19 and b58 were rudely  reminded.  Note that before b58 there were 3 other bars that would be considered large and only look small in comparison to the huge bars near b58 and 59.

When bars form on days like these, they wiggle a lot and will usually take out your breakeven stops so a better strategy is to take longer scalps and use slightly larger stops. When a trend is in motion, MTL breaks can be used to enter with the move. Almost every bar in the down move had a bottom tail or an inside bar following it. These are sharp intra-bar pullbacks, making it hard to enter a swing position and forcing the trader to scalp a point or two and look for the next entry.

If you are an agile trader, you could probably trade a faster chart such as the 1minute chart. The intra-bar wiggles and sharp pullbacks form normal sized signals and can be traded for more entries. Tick charts and range charts can also be used, but price action varies slightly on such charts and its not something you would be trading on a day like this without a lot of practice.

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