Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The swing view

One of the reasons A2 is my favorite entry is that if you can get one relatively early on a trend day, you can choose to ride it till it stops you out by taking out a previous swing low. For example, if you entered above b34 today, you could move the stop every new swing low and you would finally be taken out at b78. On days when the A2 does not turn into a trend day, this may mean a loss of a point or two but on trend days you could take in 8 points or more.

For example, in our chart today, its quite OK to miss all the turns and bends before the A2 at b34 if you have the patience to ride it to the end. This is why mastering A2 is far more important than getting the first reversal and pullback right.

First pullbacks however, are crucial on large gap open days and possible hard trend moves. This is because the move after the 1PB could be most of the move of the day. When a 1st pullback signal bar is weak such as b6 today, chances are it won't be a runaway trend so its ok to skip it.

If you want to be a with trend trader, a good option is to wait for A2 for the first trade of the day. If there is no A2, chances are the day will not trend and its ok to sit out rather than get chopped by tiny moves.

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