Monday, April 23, 2012

Webinar for donors 2012-04-23

Try to view in full screen for best effect.


  1. Cad,

    does the 2nd fBO always have to go above b1? on 3/26/12, the 2nd fBO didn't go below b1 to indicate a 2nd fBO to close a gap.

    And you mentioned a failure is when the entry bar gets taken out? is it also considered a failure if it doesn't trigger? like on 3/16/12

    referring to the webinar between 10:00 - 12:00
    thanks for your time.

  2. 3/26 is not a second fBO, its a successful BO above b1 and a 2L pb. 2nd Gap attempt should try to close the gap, not extend it.

    3/16 is a 1tf of a weak overlap its not one of the patterns i spoke about.

    1. I am sorry Cad, 3/16/12 was a mistake, it should have been 2/14/12. the question was about the entry bar failure, b2 entry bar didn't get its low taken out so i wanted to know if it was considered a failure.

      thanks for your reply