Saturday, February 25, 2012


On a good day about 1000 people visit this site but only 10 have ever donated. I am not interested in large donations, but I am interested in a large number of donors. Even small amounts like $5 is sufficient to convey that you value the information I provide.

If the situation does not change, I am considering working on this site less frequently and divert my time to other projects.


  1. Would love to donate, just got frustrated before... Your Donate button just takes me to Paypal, which doesn't have your info seeded. As I don't know the email or mobile associated with your Paypal account, I'm kind of stuck. Maybe it's a Google Chrome issue.

    Anyway, love the site and appreciate your hard work.

  2. It was Google Chrome on my end. Internet Explorer did the trick. Happy to support your efforts.

  3. Very happy to contribute. Thanks for sharing your trading insights and for the reminder to donate.


  4. Cad--I sent a small contribution yesterday and happy to do so. I hope to do a monthly bit.

  5. I just recently became a reader. I find the price action wisdom you share very useful. I recognize the real thing when I see it. I'm very happy to donate (PayPal - sorry). Keep up the excellent work.

    Have a great day!


  6. Hi Cad,

    I just started reading too and I really like what you offer. This is the best and above all most efficient trading education I have come across. So I have donated happily and I really hope others do to!

    Great work man!!

  7. "On a good day about 1000 people visit this site but only 10 have ever donated."
    Maybe it is the rule of trading for a life, which means only 1% of traders can become consistently profitable. So don't be upset, Cad. If you think what you've been doing here is right, then just go on. Otherwise, give it up. "Right" is not always "Worthile"...

  8. I just sent a donation. I really appreciate what you're doing and hope you can continue.
    Thanks a lot,

  9. I have sent a donation. Your educational efforts have benefited me a alot and i really hope you continue.

    Many thanks, Omar

  10. I've started to read everything again....

    Really great information, so I made a donation.
    Why don't you write a book or collect these blogs into a pdf?

    Thanks and all the best!